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Coming  Summer 2011- Audio Editor for Churches.

Audio Editor - Record TAB

This is a preview of the new Audio Editor - Recording Tab.

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Download the Preview of our Audio Editor here.

Have an idea you would like to see in the Audio Record? 

 Audio Editor  for Churches

OK, we know there are a few other audio recorders and editors out there, but we have not seen any that target the specific needs of a church that records their services in audio and produces CDs from them.

So, coming soon will the the ChurchView Audio Editor
Some of the planned features are as follows:

  • Use "Auto Level" during or After you record!

  • Look for "Silence" every 5 or 10 minutes to break up the recording into smaller tracks for a CD

  • Edit MP3 Tags, build a database of services!

  • RIP a CD track and store it on your computer.

  • Mix a background music track to a sound file. IE: add a music background to an introduction.

  • Pre-Pend a standard "Intro" to all of your recordings and CDs.

  • Record Audio to a CD complete with CD Text.

NOTE: This audio recorder/Editor will be included with certain levels of ChurchView, and also sold seperately.